As the cool air of Autumn descends upon us, it reminds us to to prepare for the winter days ahead, but also to slow our pace and take in the beauty around us.  Whether you believe the beauty of Autumn to be a random act of nature or an annual gift from God, we’d be remiss to race past it, trying with desperation to grasp  the last vestiges of summer.

Life isn’t about holding onto the past.  The past teaches us, informs the present, but isn’t to be used an an unwavering template for stasis.  Summer has gone.  We move forward.  We should embrace the now, and see the beauty of the now for what it is.  We ought prepare for the coming winter, but we ought not fear it for it brings mysteries and opportunities to learn new things.

Then what of scripture?  Are God’s words written on paper, or are they inscribed upon the world around us?  Words on paper are unchanging, and reflect the times in which they were first inscribed  And yet, the world is changes.  Day to day, season to season, year to year the world changes around us.  Isn’t this the word of God made manifest across the face of the world?  It’s this the ongoing story of us?

We should celebrate change as a sign of our growth.  What we held true yesterday may no longer be true today as we grow, we learn, and we develop new sensibilities.  Our past should inform us, show us our roots, and remind us of our struggles and ignorance overcome.  We should not treat our past as a monument to the ignorance of our youth.